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This dive does not exceed 18 meters, it has all the charm that each wreck has.

The Angelika wreck is without a doubt one of the most popular dive spots we have. Built in 1967 and owned by a Greek company, it transported more than 4,000 tonnes of potassium chloride from Barcelona to Marghera.

On September 26, 1982, it ran aground on the rocks of Marmorata, near S. Teresa diGallura. We thought that its quick release, but it was not the case, not even the tugs had succeeded ...

Thus in the months following the recovery of pollutants that a storm broke it and sank.
Today, the wreckage appears unrecognizable, fragments of sheet metal are scattered here and there, the rear area is placed on the left side with the terminals in their place. In good condition, the rear chateau is the external staircase leading to the upper deck. From the portholes, you can see the interior.

The lighting effects offered are always very beautiful. Colonized today by sponges, algae that provide shelter for groups of sea bream, salps and many other fish.