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The Mediterranean, a way of life

Diving in Sardinia is an exceptional experience for several reasons:

Crystal-clear waters: The clarity of Sardinian waters provides perfect visibility for exploring the seabed1.

Diversity of sites: With underwater caves, historic wrecks and rocky reefs, there's a wide variety of dive sites to suit all levels.

Marine life: Sardinia is home to a rich biodiversity, including groupers, barracudas, dolphins and even the elusive sunfish.

Ideal diving conditions: The absence of strong currents and the presence of numerous islets offer safe and pleasant diving conditions.

Accessibility: Most sites have shallow depths, making them accessible even to beginners.

Climate: Sardinia enjoys a Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters, making it possible to dive almost all year round.

This makes Sardinia a first-rate diving destination in the Mediterranean. Whether you're an experienced diver or looking for your first dive, Sardinia has a lot to offer beneath the surface of its blue waters.

In family, in group or alone... You are welcome 
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Your Center welcomes you ALL YEAR ROUND.


Discover the Staff

Building a good team is an extremely complex task, which requires patience, time and great availability. It doesn't matter how many patents you have, how many dives you've done or even how many seasons you've spent wearing a wetsuit, it's important to have an open mind, a pinch of humility and the ability to listen to others.

For several years we have been working to improve and consolidate our ability to interact with each other with the aim of creating an effective group where everyone has their own role but is also the ability to replace the other if necessary.

Each of us knows what role we must play in order to contribute to the common goal...

Maintain an environment where safety and omnipresent and thus take full advantage of your emotions.

Our idea is that with us you feel at home.





#253262 / #97754

It all started in the lake where I became passionate about diving and sharing it.

The obvious next step is to share with you my passion




Do not doubt it, if youspeak  kindly he will understand French..



Dive Master



In love with the oceans and its secrets. Like Commander COUSTEAU, let's go explore this magnificent world together! Promised, we will find the boat



Dive Master



In love with the oceans and its secrets. Like Commander COUSTEAU, let's go explore this magnificent world together! Promised, we will find the boat

Discover the Center

Areamare is a PADI/SSI dive center.

located via Amerigo Vespucci 52.07021 Cannigione Sardinia

where you can easily park.

We are about 30 minutes from Olbia airport 

GPS point 41.1070861, 9.4402650.

Plongée Maddalena
Plongée Sardaigne

Our premises have a classroom, a corner   toilet and a shower.

Changed in 2018, the Coltri brand compressor is a 16m3 Super Silent, we can also offer you Nitrox mixtures up to 40%

Coltri Sardaigne Plongée

A space to try on your equipment and get changed

All wetsuits and slippers are regularlydisinfectedwith someBacteriallesswhich is product Biodegradable.

Sardigne PADI
Sardaigne SSI


With its 9.2m the OCEANways30 is a pleasant, spacious and practical 236hp boat for launching and ascent.

Covered, it will protect you from the wind and the sun.

It   allows a maximum of 15 people to board (with the staff)

Bateau Confort Plongée

The boarding pontoon is located on the port.

Access without steps or stairs   will allow you to board easily.

Bateau Plongée Sardaigne

Safety on board

It is equipped with a first aid kit as well as an oxygen therapy kit as well as 15 life jackets.

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