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On TribloO.com pre-book your dives & training in diving clubs all over the world.

Community platform 100% dedicated to scuba diving. Discover, compare and book your next diving vacation anywhere in the world.

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TINKY's Dive

Small nice club on the coast of Geneva in Switzerland where Werner will be happy to take you to discover diving in Lake Leman or Geneva as you wish.


Thanks to the online community "French-speaking divers around the world", divers help divers to practice their passion in French around the world.


Passionate about photography, he has participated since 2008 in underwater photo competitions with some success. In 2011, he was recruited to be a "photo critic" for the renowned online Underwater Photography Contest. In 2012, he was called upon to become a member of the jury of the Swiss underwater image festival (Festisub). Fascinated by sub-aquatic life, he loves to share his passion in “direct” or in “images”. Visit his site

Diving World Destinations - Travel Planner


I have already visited more than 50 countries and dived in more than 30. I have a long experience in planning trips. My friends think I'm a travel magazine! ... Ok ... it may be true!